Business and Mindset Coach

Get the Clarity and Confidence to Grow Your Business

Coaching is a powerful tool for business growth and development. I work with online and in-person serviced based business owners and solopreneurs at the early growth phase.

I focus on clarity, business foundations, aligned strategy, mindset and confidence and most importantly taking action. I know by doing this you will gain momentum, growth and success.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure on what to do next to get the results you want and are constantly second-guessing or doubting yourself, I will support and challenge you to take your business to the next level and achieve the success you desire.

Business Coaching Services

Make Your Business Dreams a Reality

1:1 3-month Business Coaching Series

Personalised support and guidance to help you achieve your business goals and growth. Our sessions are a mix of mentoring and coaching.

A 3-month coaching experience to focus on exactly what you need to create a business you love.

Illuminate your Path - Power Hour session

This is a one-off power hour session to provide quick, focused and actionable advice on a specific business issue or challenge.

Walk away with a clear plan with actionable steps to illuminate your path and propel your business forward.

Accelerate and Achieve - Half day VIP session

Picture immersing yourself in your business vision, focusing solely on its future growth opportunities.

Leave with an action-packed roadmap to set up months of work in just half a day.  Gain momentum and tangible results.

Lauren Lansdown

Hi, I’m Lauren

Nice to Meet You

I am a Business and Mindset Coach for serviced- based businesses in the early growth phase.

I’ve been a Business Coach, Mentor and Sales Manager for over 6 years. I have also owned a serviced-based business for 6 years and have previous experience in sales and marketing.

Over the years I’ve learned there are some key elements that stand out in successful businesses: having the right mindset and a clear plan that supports you to be in action in a way that builds momentum and sets you up with the solid foundations to grow.

When we work together, we’ll focus on finding what works best for you. You’ll get clarity on your strengths and how to bring your dream life and business together without confusion and overwhelm.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do and when, to build the life and business you dream of.


“Lauren really exceeded my expectations and really helped me be accountable for my goals through our regular feedback sessions.

I really enjoyed my coaching experience and would highly recommend Lauren to others.”

Sinead Lowe
A + H Interiors

If you’re in need of a great coach I would recommend Lauren Lansdown! She is such an amazing coach. Lauren helped me become clear and more focused regarding the actions I needed to take achieve my goals. Thank you Lauren for inspiring me to believe in myself and in my dreams.

Minedith Moons-Ruth
Style Coach

Lauren provided a really clear pathway forward of action steps for my business that align with my business goals and values.

Emma Makepeace
Alignment Coach

I had a wonderful experience in my 1 hour business consultation with Lauren. She wasted no time and jumped right in with detailed, specific questions about what I wanted to accomplish in our time together. She was prepared and thorough making sure she did not miss one single thing that felt like a priority to me

Catherine Lenhardt
Self-trust Coach