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Here’s What Others Have Experienced

Melissa Garrett
Melissa Garrett Interiors
3-month coaching series

I was approaching the 2-year mark in my business and a real shift was starting to take place. I had more clients coming in, a lot of ideas and a list of things I wanted to achieve to be able to move my business forward. Unfortunately, I was struggling to action this list and these ideas, and I felt frozen with overwhelm. I ultimately wanted to level up and help create a strong business message as well as look more professional and get systems in place to make my business better and more streamlined.

I hadn’t really given a lot of thought to engaging a coach in the past, as I hadn’t really understood the value and support a coach could bring to me and my business. It wasn’t until I had received feedback from a friend on how Lauren had helped her that I thought I would give it a try. I am so grateful to have done so.

My business has had a pivotal switch since meeting Lauren. My loved ones have seen the growth and the empowerment I have felt within myself.


I am so grateful for our time together Lauren. Thank you. You really are one of a kind and have such a great way of encouraging and motivating me, without ever leaving me feeling overwhelmed or like it was too hard. Looking back at the things I have achieved in such a short space of time; it really is incredible. Especially through quite a turbulent time in my life. I’m eternally grateful.


Sinead Lowe
A + H Interiors
3-month coaching series

Before working with Lauren as my coach, I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit stuck with moving forward with my business. I wasn’t even sure I was actually “running a business” I lacked confidence and direction and didn’t know what actions I needed to take to get more clients.

After trying myself to figure out what I didn’t know and not getting anywhere with it. I had a few conversations with Lauren, and I decided this was something I need to engage an expert for.

I had never worked with a coach before, I didn’t really know what to expect, knowing Lauren personally I knew she had a background in business management and she had also owned her own successful business, she had given me bits of advice over the months prior and her advice was always amazing.

Since putting into practice all the actions from Lauren, I have been receiving more consistent workflow, I have noticed an increase in all of the platforms I have updated/set up, I had my biggest financial month in business to date.

I know without Laurens support, knowledge or guidance I would not have gotten through even half of the actions I was able to get through with her, she kept me accountable by setting fortnightly meetings which really kept me on track to move forward.
Lauren was so kind, professional, knowledgeable and she really listened and took on board all of my concerns, She broke my goals down into easy to manage steps that I could fit into my current workflow.

Lauren gave me real life examples and solutions. She always actively listened to my rambling but also redirected me and reassured me when I needed it.


Nicole Chesson
Leadership role in a corporate job
3-month coaching series

When I first met Lauren as my coach, I was at the start of my reflective journey. I have a demanding job and I was looking for a better work life balance Lauren helped me set personal goals around professional boundaries and a shift in my mindset towards my work, life balance in a variety of areas in my life including heathy eating, physical movement and being more open to spontaneous opportunities to reconnect with friends and family on a social level.

I had the opportunity to move into a leadership role and reflected I needed to improve my interpersonal skills of communication. Working with Lauren, my goal was to focus on a shift to a more positive mindset in my thoughts, actions, and communication. Lauren helped me set goals that turned into effective behavior change, that I use daily to help me manage my own attitude and responses to others.

I thought I was good at setting personal goals, but I quickly realised in the past, I would only set action items with no big picture goal in mind, leading to only short term changes that would not be sustained. Lauren really exceeded my expectations and really helped me be accountable for my goals through our regular feedback sessions.

Close colleagues at work mentioned in conversation that I was more effective at communication by being solutions focused on issues. My husband gave me feedback that I was more positive on the weekend when I chose to have quality time with him. I also noticed I felt and acted in line with my goals.

I really enjoyed my coaching experience and would highly recommend Lauren to others.

Tina Bryne
Life Coach and Yoga Teacher
3-month coaching series

When Lauren and I started out coaching I was feeling nervous and excited about my second baby coming on the way. I needed to refocus and make sure that my head was back in the game for my upcoming arrival and growing family. I wanted to figure out what my life would be with growing kids and my career in a company would look like.

I instantly clicked with Lauren, I knew she was the one that could hold space for me and accountability for my actions.
I knew that I was on the right journey, it was such a beautiful place where we made amazing goals, I knew I could achieve, and they were leading me to the best version of myself.

In the series I realized that I was holding onto a job as a comfort, it opened my eyes as to what I could achieve if I just believed in myself, my mindset shifted both personally and professionally.

Lauren is an awesome coach; she was made for this and has a fantastic way with words and holding space. I would highly recommend her if you needed some help getting out of my own way and unstruck.

Catherine Lenhardt
Self-trust Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour

I had a wonderful experience in my 1 hour business consultation with Lauren. She wasted no time and jumped right in with detailed, specific questions about what I wanted to accomplish in our time together. She was prepared and thorough making sure she did not miss one single thing that felt like a priority to me.

As a first time, brand new business starter, Lauren made me feel like everything I was feeling was totally normal for this phase I’m in and she provided several very practical ideas to help me stay moving forward.

We broke down the challenges and co-created individualized solutions. Before our call I was making very little progressing on 1,000 things and I walked away feeling validated, supported, and much more focused on fewer specific, critical tasks.

Coaching with Khetsie
Intuitive Mindset Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour

Wowza, Lauren gave me hope and faith I can do this. She came to the session prepared. I really felt she had genuinely looked at all aspects of my business and had great feedback.

Lauren has a way of explaining things that really connected to me, someone who has never had a business and was just reaching for whatever she could.
Her feedback was precise and she delivers it in an encouraging and gentle way. I recommend Lauren if you want someone who moving in an authentic, soul led and heartfelt way.

Thank you so much


Crystal Segedinski
Reiki and Life Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour
Lauren was amazing within our business consult.

I am person of many creative ideas, but struggle when it comes to implementing the action and structure to get there. She was able to help me set a clear game plan forward over the next 3 months and it had really inspired me into immediate action.

We covered so much, it was very thorough yet, was so efficient in what we were able to achieve in the hour session! An amazing way to get the helping hand you need in getting the finer details sorted, and having a sounding board to help you initiate.

Minedith Moons-Ruth
Style Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour

If you’re in need of a great coach I would recommend Lauren Lansdown! She is such an amazing coach. Lauren helped me become clear and more focused regarding the actions I needed to take achieve my goals. Thank you Lauren for inspiring me to believe in myself and in my dreams. I felt that Lauren was a phenomenal listener and she gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance. I felt supported, seen, and safe during our session. I felt so blessed by Lauren’s humor, wisdom, and graciousness which are wonderful qualities every coach should have!

Emma Makepeace
Alignment Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour

Lauren provided a really clear pathway forward of action steps for my business that align with my business goals and values.

It’s the attention to the little details, the impactful next steps that she helped me identify that were invaluable.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business or just not sure of the next step to take, I highly recommend Lauren for business coaching.

Jo Tilsley
Midlife Life Coach
Business Consult – Power Hour

Lauren was a pleasure to work with. I had some specific business challenges that she helped me work through. She was very planned and prepared for the business session.

She gave me some great action steps that I could implement straight away. I would highly recommend her services.